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Line 7 of the metro in Madrid

Updated: January 2023

Welcome to our web of the map of Madrid subway line 7 (or line L7).

Madrid Metro Line 7

In the map below are the stations of line 7, updated in January 2023.

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Madrid subway line 7

If you wish, you can also see the Madrid metro map complete, a page with all the lines together (but separate individually) or you can see other lines one by one:

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Stations of the 7 subway line (L7)

Hospital del Henares - Estadio Metropolitano

This is the list of all metro stations of line 7, which in total has 30 stops. Next to the name of the station, we have added if you can make a transfer to other transport. other information such as transfers to other lines or subway station, bus stops if you have, if they are adapted for people with wheelchairs or prams etc. Clicking on the name of the station, you can check on the official website more information about this metro.

Station Zone Transshipment Metro
Hospital del Henares B1 adapted for wheelchairs
Henares B1 adapted for wheelchairs
Jarama B1 adapted for wheelchairs
San Fernando B1 adapted for wheelchairs
La Rambla B1 adapted for wheelchairs
Coslada Central B1 Cercanías RENFERENFE (train station) adapted for wheelchairs Parking
Barrio del Puerto B1
Estadio Metropolitano A Line 7 train changeTrain change

Estadio Metropolitano - Pitis

Station Zone Transshipment Metro
Estadio Metropolitano A Line 7 train changeTrain change
Las Musas A
San Blas A
Simancas A
García Noblejas A
Ascao A
Pueblo Nuevo A Line 5 adapted for wheelchairs
Barrio de la Concepción A
Parque de las Avenidas A
Cartagena A
Avenida de América A Line 4 Línea 6 Circular Line 9 Intercity busesIntercity buses Long distance busesLong distance buses Buses to the airport Buses to the airport adapted for wheelchairs information
Gregorio Marañón A Line 10 adapted for wheelchairs
Alonso Cano A adapted for wheelchairs
Canal A Línea 2 adapted for wheelchairs
Islas Filipinas A adapted for wheelchairs
Guzmán el Bueno A Línea 6 Circular adapted for wheelchairs
Francos Rodríguez A adapted for wheelchairs
Valdezarza A adapted for wheelchairs
Antonio Machado A adapted for wheelchairs
Peñagrande A adapted for wheelchairs
Avenida de la Ilustración A adapted for wheelchairs
Lacoma A adapted for wheelchairs
Arroyofresno A adapted for wheelchairs
Pitis A Cercanías RENFERENFE (train station) adapted for wheelchairs

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Thank you for visiting, we hope that our map of the 7 subway line from Madrid has been helpful to you.

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