Madrid Metro Map

Updated: May 2024

Here's the Madrid metro map and other information that may be useful for travelling through the underground tube network of Madrid.

There are six versions of the map, geographic, schematic, and the same but adapted for disabled individuals, people with prams, or those with luggage.

We also have a PDF version of all the maps, should you need it.


(standard map, with the layout of lines and stations, according to their real geographical location)

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Madrid metro map

We also have the Madrid metro map in PDF (3 MB).


(stations with elevators for prams, wheelchairs or passengers with luggage)

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Madrid metro map with elevators updated in 2024

Version of the map with adapted stations in PDF. (4 MB).

Stations marked as "pesadilla" (nightmare) mean that for people with babies, with reduced mobility, or tourists with luggage, these stations are problematic.


(standard map, with marked zones)

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Madrid Metro map with zones

PDF version (3 MB).


(stations with elevators and fare zones)

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Madrid Metro map with zones and elevators updated in 2024

PDF version. (4 MB).


(Madrid schematic map, schematic layout of the Madrid Underground lines, the standard map without additions)

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Madrid Underground schematic map 2024

We also have the Madrid Underground map in PDF (0.9 MB) or in high resolution (4.5 MB).


(schematic map, with stops and stations accessible to prams, wheelchair users, or passengers with luggage)

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Madrid Underground schematic map 2024, all tube lines, version for passengers with mobility disabilities

We also have the same Madrid Underground map in PDF format (1.0 MB) and the same thing in high resolution (5.5 MB).

Madrid Metro Map by Lines

If you wish to view a specific line, here are the maps of Madrid Metro lines individually, that is, one by one:

Line 1 | Line 2 | Line 3 | Line 4 | Line 5 (green) | Line 6 (Circular) | Line 7 | Line 8 | Line 9 | Line 10 | Line 11 | Line 12 (Metrosur) | Line R (Branch)

View all metro lines together, on a single page

Madrid metro map all lines

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As can be seen in the Madrid metro map, there are 12 lines, 287 stations. The total length of all lines and stations combined, is about 293 Km. Not bad for being one of the oldest metro systems in Europe.

The Madrid metro map has been redesigned several times over the years and new metro lines and tram (light rail) lines have been added. Because the metro system is so extensive, it was necessary to create a schematic map, the drawback being that the position of the stations and the distances between them do not correspond with their geographical locations in Madrid.

To correct this problem, the Madrid Metro Authority had no choice but to make the metro map similar to the old one. Although it is not as flashy in terms of graphics, it is much closer to the geographic reality.

If you find any problems or incorrect information, please use our contact form so we can fix the problem ASAP (as soon as possible).


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