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More about Madrid

Turistic map
Tourist map

Madrid weather
Madrid weather


Tourist map of Madrid

This is the tourist map of Madrid, which includes the top 50 tourists highlights in the city. It is organized so as to reach them through the network of public transport in Madrid, especially via the metro system.

----> Click on the map = Zoom <---- Tourist map of Madrid

We have a PDF version of this tourist map of Madrid, in super high definition.


Where to buy tourist tickets online?

On the Tiqets website you can buy cheaper tickets for all kinds of museums, shows, monuments, attractions, bachelor parties, and more. On some things (few) you can save up to 20%. In most places, with these tickets you will not have to wait in line at the entrance.

- Madrid Travel Card: It costs about 48,40€ (depending on several factors) and they come to pick you up at the airport with a sign with your name on it, take you to the hotel, give you a ticket that lasts 3 days and you can use all the subways, buses or streetcars you want. Shopping comfort.




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