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Madrid metro schedule

Updated: January 2023

The schedule of the Madrid Metro is very simple and never changes, regardless of holidays.

  • From 6:05 am to 2:00 am. But attention!!, the trains make their last exit at 1:33h (a.m) from each end of the line. In other words, the last train at night passes between 01:33h (a.m.) and 2:00h (a.m), depending on each metro station.

The frequency of arrival depends on the time of day and the individual subway line. Use the following table to select the line for which you would like to check the frequency of arrival in the corresponding month, according to the official web page of the Madrid metro.

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Line Schedules
icon Line 1 of Metro Line 1 View Schedules Online 1
icon Line 2 of Metro Line 2 View Schedules Online 2
icon Line 3 of Metro Line 3 View Schedules Online 3
icon Line 4 of Metro Line 4 View Schedules Online 4
icon Line 5 of Metro Line 5 View Schedules Online 5
icon Line 6 Circular of Metro Line 6 Circular View Schedules Online 6
icon Line 7 of Metro Line 7 View Schedules Online 7
icon Line 8 of Metro Line 8 View Schedules Online 8
icon Line 9 of Metro Line 9 View Schedules Online 9
icon Line 10 of Metro Line 10 View Schedules Online 10
icon Line 11 of Metro Line 11 View Schedules Online 11
icon Line 12 MetroSur of Metro Line 12 MetroSur View Schedules Online 12
icono Ramal of Metro Ramal View Schedules Ramal
Logo Metro LigeroLight rail / Metro Ligero (tram)
Línea Horarios
icono ML1 of Metro ML1 View Schedules ML1
icono ML2 of Metro ML2 View Schedules ML2
icono ML3 of Metro ML3 View Schedules ML3


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